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Ahad, 12 Februari 2012


Dear scouts,

To our regret we must inform you that the National Jamboree will not take place this year. The reason for this are the number of applications which are much lower than expected. Continuing with a smaller event is not feasible due to financial reasons and we think it does not offer enough potential for a programme worthy for a National Jamboree. All the groups that have registered have already been informed by us.

Naturally, we are pretty bummed out by this. Many NJ-employees have already been involved in the preparations for this camp for months. Despite their great effort and enthusiasm we cannot make the fantastic event we had in mind happen. It turns out that at this point there is just not enough enthusiasm to participate in a large-scale scouting camp.

Hopefully there will soon be a new chance for those who had wanted to participate in this camp to participate in another large scouting event. As an alternative to the National Jamboree 2012 you could think of the Jamboree in Denmark, NICES in Nederweert (the Netherlands), the BrumJam in England or the Icelandic Jamboree. You can find some relevant information on the website of Scouting Nederland. Would you rather organise your own camp? There are still spots available on many scouting campsites and other (inter)national campsites.

Finally we would like to thank all the groups that have shown an interest in the National Jamboree 2012 for their enthusiasm and application. But above all we owe many thanks to all those volunteers who have been committed to organising this camp.

We hope to see you at one of the other nationwide events of Scouting Nederland!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the organising team of the National Jamboree 2012,

Richard and Carlo,
Camp chiefs National Jamboree 2012

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