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Rabu, 12 Jun 2013


Date : 16th - 21st of November 2013
Venue : Kulaijaya, Johor, Malaysia

This spectacular program of youth gathering have return in 2013 as the program continues as one of the biggest youth gathering in Malaysia, and the only event that offers excellent venue for the young generation satisfaction.

As this program continues from the previous 24th Johor International Jamboree IN 2008, this 25th Johor International Jamboree 2013 or known by the Silver Jubilee Jamboree projects the attendance of more than 4000 unique participant from various segment of market, from all 14 state of Malaysia and countries such as from the ASEAN and Asia Pacific Region by tapping into the increased demand for youth gathering event throughout the year.

Various activities and challenges have been carefully developed to suits the need of the young generation. This activities also will emphasizes the Millennium Development Goals as the core module of youth involvement in the events. This program will be organize starting from Sunday (17th November 2013) until Friday (22nd of November 2013).

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